Litmos Dojo

Core: Discipline Skills - Green Belt

After you complete your White Belt training, start here for a deeper look into Learning Paths, Courses and Modules. We'll also cover Teams and Reports.


Fast Track - Onboarding

The quickest way to learn all of Litmos. Presented in an engaging video format and completely "de-boring'd" we bring only the most important parts to the table. The videos are in English with subtitles in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Spanish & German.

Learning Path

Team Leader / Team Admin Essentials

If you run a team, this collection of courses is for you. You'll get acquainted with the team admin dashboard, learn how to manage users and dive into running reports.

Learning Path
Welcome to Litmos Dojo! Here you will find a constantly growing library of training courses and videos that cover all aspects of the Litmos LMS.

You will find that these courses are constantly being updated to cater to the most recent version of Litmos.

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